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The threats against the people of Pennsylvania - your clients - are more real today than they have ever been before. Each and every day, we witness another effort to deny justice.

This election-cycle gives us the opportunity to change that...

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LawPAC is PAJ's official political action committee. It is prohibited from accepting corporate contributions.

Justice for Victims PAC

The Justice for Victims PAC is a SuperPAC / Independent Expenditure that can accept personal or corporate (pre-tax) contributions.

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Candidate Contributions

Interested in contributing to your favorite or local elected official? Contact us so we can connect you.

The Threat is Real

Corporate America is trying to eliminate pro-civil justice judges and justices from the bench via a "judicial gerrymandering" bill.

Additionally, a dozen bills have been introduced on behalf of corporations, hospitals, nursing homes, and insurers trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis by nefariously claiming a need for immunity.

Proactive Legislation

Help us effect change that benefits Pennsylvanians!

Upset male drivers after car accident on road

Pennsylvania's unconscionably low auto limits

Preparation for CT scan

Reduce the cost of electronic reproduction of medical records

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Restore fairness to the workers' compensation system

Our Testimonial

Paul Lagnese, Esq.

"This election presents a simple scenario - if we do not achieve our established fundraising goals, those who rely on us to deliver justice will suffer tremendously."

– PAJ President

Jason Matzus, Esq.

"Each of us can afford to do something. No one can afford to do nothing. The consequences are too severe."

– PAJ Past President

The mission of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (“PAJ”) is to “uphold and defend the United States and the Pennsylvania Constitutions; to uphold and improve the adversary system; to uphold trial by jury; to promote prompt and efficient administration of justice; to protect and enhance the rights of consumers, workers, family members, the accused, and other individuals; to improve the competency of the trial bar; to protect and promote the independence of the bench and bar; to foster public awareness and understanding of the role of the trial lawyer in the administration of justice; and to provide resources, services, and group benefits for members.”

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